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Action movies are the stuff of legend. For some, they seem like petulant little films made with no real story. However, for aficionados, action films have everything in them — action (of course), adventure, sensuality, explosions, fast cars, and battle sequences.

1 thing that’s somewhat interesting about action movie fans is how true fans try to know as many details as they can about their favorite films so much as to almost become walking encyclopedias of knowledge & points of reference fit for your regional restaurant’s trivia night. But much the same way that life works, you can’t know everything, and that is where this particular collection of facts shows its worth!

1. Silence of the Lambs – Most people tend to criticize big Hollywood action films by noting they have nothing to offer in real value when it comes to an actual story worth checking out. Even though some might find this movie more suspenseful, it will keep you on the edge of your chair. ‘Silence’ is one of just a few films to have earned Academy Awards for the best categories (Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, and Screenplay).

2. The Fast and the Furious – Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster, did not have drivers licenses or even licenses before production of the movie. While this might seem somewhat strange, many actors and actresses concentrate their attention on their craft from a young age, sometimes bypassing milestones like this.

3. Jaws – Nearly a fourth of the movie was filmed from the surface of the water level. This special perspective is key to the movie’s terror as audiences could feel as if they were treading water or the very least to be close”Bruce”, the name given to the mechanical shark used during filming. The fact that only about 25% of the movie was shot this way is amazing when you consider that most of the more memorable sequences of this movie are based in the water.

4. Gone with the Wind – Though often seen as a historical drama or even (strangely enough) as a romantic film,’Gone’ is celebrated for its gigantic undertaking & sweeping look at a bygone era over the course of several generations. While the movie tends to get beautiful imagery of plantation life, it’s the ferocious action sequences & suspenseful scenes that take your breath away. This film was the first colour film to win an Oscar for Best Picture.

5. X-Men – Although they give off an air of sophistication and class, actors Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan had really never played a game of chess in their own lives. While not the most gritty action movie tidbit, it’s important to mention only because far too many film patrons are unwilling to suspend all disbelief. It’s all about the details.

Action movies can be a lot of fun, so allow the magic of cinema take you away from the drabness of everyday life.

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